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Which camera should I buy?

July 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I very often hear: "So! you are the photographer, you should be able to tell me which camera I should buy". And I don't mind giving my opinion or advice or guide people, and you could just as easily go straight to google and find the top ten best DSLR cameras, or top 5 underwater cameras. Everyone can write a review on the technical spec, on how it handles and what it does. My standard answer when I get the question is: "what do you want the camera to do for you? And what will you use it for?" 

You see, for me, who owns several cameras, each camera is different, and each camera I love for different reasons. It's like saying ...pick your favourite child (a slightly extreme comparison, and bare with me...)! Could you? No, so each child has amazing qualities and challenges. No child is better than an other child. Same goes for cameras! Each camera has qualities that can fit your lifestyle or not. Each camera will feel different in your hands and whether it has an ease of use or not. So, I can't tell you which camera to choose,  I can only tell you to ask yourself these questions before you buy a camera:

- do I want to take my camera everywhere....if yes, don't go for a heavy large cumbersome camera

- am I interested in shooting manual only.....if yes then look at cameras with full manual function 

- do I want quick access to the photos so I can email them to people........if yes, then look for cameras with built in wifi

- do I want to be able to change lenses and invest in more kit for the camera....if yes, then look for DSLRs

- am I photographing landscapes, people, cities, sports?.....the thing is sport photography required larger lenses and quicker processors, than for example people or architecture...

- am I letting my kids get their hands on the camera...if yes, make sure its a tough durable camera!

- do I need it to be waterproof.....if yes, only look for water proof cameras

- is one of your hands always holding a toddlers hand whilst you are taking the photo....if yes, find a smaller camera which is easy to control with one hand

- is one make of camera more of a preference than an other.....if yes, then go with your heart! The more you love your camera the more pictures you will take!

If you can figure out what your use is for a camera then you can come to the conclusion whether you need a small camera, large DSLR, mirrorless, underwater camera and so on. There are so many wonderful cameras out there, and remember it is about how you take the picture not always about what you use to take the picture ;-)


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