Henriette Lang | Living in the fast lane and being happy

Living in the fast lane and being happy

June 27, 2016  •  1 Comment

This last week has been varied and exciting!

The three things I did this week was three entirely different things yet all exhilarating in their own way.

Thursday I spent a day at the very wonderful spa at The Belfry golf resort in West Midlands. From start to finish it was a very relaxing day, the staff were all friendly, lovely atmosphere and all round a much needed recuperating day. It made me realise how busy I actually am and that I don't take the time out to do something like that very often. So whether it'll be a picnic in the park, a long walk or a little spa treat, I think I shall do it more often!


The next thing I did was a zip wire in Wales. I'm very fond of Wales and the nature.  I wasn't quite sure of how I'd feel about it, as its slightly yellow zone stuff, throwing yourself off a cliff only attached by a harness and whizzing through the air over mines, caves and mountains on a steel wire! But it was exceptionally exhilarating and wonderful! The views were spectacular and I felt an enormous feeling of being alive, lucky, thankful and insignificant by being surrounded by Mother Nature. 

Both of these two things are luxury things to do and I certainly appreciate the fact that I have the opportunity to do them both. These two things made me think about how truly busy we are as people. Racing around trying to do it all. We live life at an incredibly fast pace and we forget to stop and think and feel and make sure we are doing things that makes us happy. 

I did a third thing this week, which I do regularly, however this time it was even more rewarding. I often buy a sandwich and a cup of tea for a homeless person when I am out and about. I put it next to them, say hi and ask if they want the tea and sandwich. This week though, I met Gareth and when I handed him the sandwich and tea he said "would you be so kind to keep me company?". I couldn't say no to that. So the next half hour I talked to Gareth. A kind, well spoken,caring homeless man with mental health issue who has had an amazingly interesting life. That started my whole thankfulness feeling this week and a appreciation of stopping this rollercoaster of a life that we have and just taking time out to do something that help others. So whether you just stop to sit barefoot in the grass for a few minutes in the sunshine, or take a walk, or text a friend you haven't reached out to for a while or buy someone a cup of tea because they need it, either way it is something that can benefit you and those around you too. 

Maybe that is why I love my job so much, because I can stop and freeze and capture a moment in our very busy lives.


Sarah Lyons(non-registered)
I love this post Henrietta :) so true ..taking time out of everyday life is the best way to recharge ,gather thoughts and think of the future x
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